Movie Review: Harry Potter

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Harry Potter
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Harry Potter is one of the most popular movies because it has a very strong plot of the story, effective music, a good dialogue and attractive locations. The movie has a very attractive story with a strong plot. It also has a lot of attractive playback music that catch the attention of the spectators. Additionally, the movie has a good dialogue. Also, it had been recorded in many locations that help to give the real effects of the story.

Harry Potter is a fictional movie. The movie made big changes and competition in the film industry. It
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The background’s music is composed by veteran franchise composer John Williams. Williams is not only an excellent choice for the movie, but also his themes for the wizardry world make you live the moment. The volume of the music into the background is perfect. Also, the beats, when there is an exciting scene about to happens, are very interesting. For example, in the Quidditch game scene, when Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) was trying to catch the golden ball to win the game, the music was on point because it made us get interested whether Harry (Radcliffe) will catch the ball or not. Moreover, the music in the movie is magical and charming; therefore, in 2002 it was nominated for Oscar as “the best music, Original score”. Every movie has positive and negative compliments like some of the writers said that the composer John Williams paid the movie crew to take his music, but we don’t know for sure about that, it is maybe just a rumor. Despite all the arguments about the music of this movie, I liked so…show more content…
This movie takes place in many locations. One of them is the corridors to Gryffindor at Hogwarts. This location is actually the cloisters of Gloucester cathedral in the south west of England. This location is very good to record in because it gives the effects of the old magic school. However, it has to have some setups to be more suitable to record in. So, electrics, modern signs and locks has been hidden under painted panels to look like the stone walls. The second location is Bodleian library (oxford) as Hogwarts library; because of size of the place, and the order of books in the ranks regularly. The third location that harry potter and the philosopher's stone is filmed in is the black park. In the movie the black park’s name is ‘The Forbidden Forest ‘. The black park backs to Pinewood Studios, and it is used in the first four Potter films. The park is located in Iver-Buckinghmshire – England – UK. It is mainly a forest with a huge lake with an area with an open field. That open field gives a lot of space to the producers to shoot the forest and the lake scene from different locations. Moreover, the woods and the trees at the black park are eerie as if it is like there is no wild life there. The big old trees gives the Howgwarts School a legend theme like if Howgwarts School

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