Movie Review: Hyper Evolution: Rise Of The Robots

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When it comes to replacing robots with humans in the military, usually movies that result in the robots taking over come to mind. Although this is possible, it is one of the many paths that we can choose, so addressing this issue earlier can prevent catastrophic disasters and unnecessary deaths. During Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots, Professor Danielle George visits the Boston Dynamics lab, which is creating robots to implement in the military. These robots can do human-like functions such as open doors, carry boxes, and navigate uneven terrain. The documentary, however, does not cover other robots created for the military, more specifically, autonomous robots with weapons. In the medical field, there is always trained personnel involved in the process when they are…show more content…
Garrod was initially apprehensive in Audi’s self-driving car. Daniel Suarez, a former systems consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, is no exception and disagrees with the TED talk because he is against the evolution and creation of robots with the power to kill. The new technological inventions are taking power and responsibility away from humans and placing it into the hands of the machines. Due to the threat of hacking drones with electromagnetic jamming to change their objectives, we should design drones to know their objective beforehand and react to unforeseen circumstances without any outside guidance (Suarez, 2013). This may increase society’s fears because pre-programming the missions' objectives increase the robots' responsibilities. But as shown in Hyper Evolution, the robots do not exceed past those tasks because they follow a given set of guidelines. Also, if the robots contain the entire plan for the mission, hacking attempts from enemies could increase. Thus, security should be the main priority when designing autonomous robot military

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