Movie Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was based about a woman named Toula Portokalos who came from a Greek Orthodox family. In this film, she fell in love with a man, Ian Miller, who came from non-Orthodox white family. There are many interesting sociology concept or theory in this film. The concepts that I 'll talk about in the essay are of Patriarchy, power in the marriage, individualistic and collectivist culture.
There is a clear division between women 's and men 's position in the movie. At the beginning of the film, Toula talks about three things that a nice Greek girl are supposed to do: "marry Greek boys, make Greek babies and feed everyone until the day we die". Those goals are accomplished by Toula 's older sister, Athena, who "married young and became a Greek baby-breeding machine". At the same time, Gus does not want his
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Patriarchy is society system in which the power is controlled by men. In this film, Toula 's father, Gus, manages everything in the family. As he said, "I am the head of the family". He dominates all decision making in the family. At the same time, Gus may represent the voice of first generation of Greek immigration as he tries to pass the norm to the next generation. Gus, father of Toula, motioned serval times that he is the head of the family and owns the power in the family relationship. However, Toula 's mother, Maria owns the convert power in the family. However, female 's covert power is still existing in the patriarchy family. Gus rejected Toula 's request to go to college and learn more about computer at first. Maria changed Gus 's decision and Toula get the chance to college. As Maria told to Toula, "Man is the head, but woman is the neck, she can turn the neck to anywhere she wants." Later in the film, Maria and aunt Voula set in place a plan that makes Gus think that Toula working in the travel agency was his idea. Although Gus think that he absolutely controls the power in the family, Maria can cleverly manipulate the situation in
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