Crime Scene Reaction Paper

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In this movie, a dramatic situation took place in which Denise Moore was a victim of a robbery and got assaulted by slashing her face during she went to meet with someone. To find out the criminal, Police showed her several photos and she picked up Jessie Williams mug shot. Later she also confirmed him by showing him in a lineup. But from the first, till last Jessie William said that he did not do that and he was not there. This movie shows a wonderful case in which both of the criminal and suspects seems right from their perspective. For this reason, my reaction toward this movie was "Oh no!". In the whole movie, I was curious to know who is actually telling the truth either the victim or the suspect. This movie also clearly showed how the…show more content…
They are the one who controls crime. In this case study, Harold who was a police officer since 12 years worked where drug dealing, robbery, and murder were too common. He and his department weren't sure what can actually lower the crime rate in the city. Then they decided to work on at first preventing robbery. They build greater community relationships in which they will be able to gather necessary information for the suspect. Harold also analyzed crime data of the area of the robbery and requested some officers to go undercover in the high rate areas. Six months after Harold’s suggestions and with the help of the community relations, the rate of the robbery in the city dropped. So, its the Police officers who keep the city and its people safe. They are the one who goes after the criminals to save our lives and give victims their right. In “Nothing Cuts Deeper” the police officer worked voluntarily on Denise’s situation and cooperate her all the way. Harold was good in making good relationship with the community and just like him, the police officers from the movie were also very community oriented and friendly as we see their behavior toward

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