What Are The Differences Between The Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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Waqar Ahmed
Instructor: Michael Joseph Dowdy
UCO 1200 – The American Dream
Section 141
November 6, 2013

The Great Gatsby Response 2
In the 143 minutes movie, there were several things that were totally different what I had imagined while reading the novel. Also some key scenarios were missing from the movie. While filming a novel, there are some key factors which are not supposed to be changed i.e. general appearance of the characters and the time span. In the movie, they changed both things in one way or another.
First thing that was different from the novel was the starting. In the novel, they followed the same flashback trend which is being followed by a lot of movies nowadays. They start the movie by showing the Nick as a person who is trying to recover from the highly drinking and sad life after the pitiable death of Gatsby while in the book, Nick said that he had drunk only two times in his life while in the 2013 movie, they portrayed him as if he had been drinking a lot and now had come to a doctor to recover. This thing is totally against the personality of Nick and does not
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In the book, Fitzgerald mentions, “Gatsby himself didn’t believe it would come, and perhaps he no longer cared” while talking about the phone call from Daisy. So it was clear that before being killed, Gatsby knew that he was a loser as he could not get Daisy and he knew that he had wasted his life for waiting Daisy. But this ending was changed in the movie. In the movie, they showed as if Gatsby thought that Daisy had called him while actually it was Nick who called him to ask him Daisy had called him. That was a biggest thing that was changed as this was the main point of the whole story. But still I think this change in the movie was good making the movie more romantic and showing that Gatsby died with the feelings of a winning but showing the audience that he was actually not a
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