Hunt For Red October Analysis

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The outcome of the movie, The Hunt for Red October, was that the US Navy on the USS Dallas and the Soviet Navy on the Red October were able to successfully destroy the enemy submarine, the V. K. Konovalov. Without the CIA analyst and former Marine, Jack Ryan’s convincing that the Red Octobers captain was trying to defect, the Soviet Union would have launched missiles on the United States east coast. The teamwork of the Navy’s caused the enemy submarine to be dismantled.
The movie portrayed battles between two Soviet Union submarines, the Red October, the V. K. Konovalov, and a United States submarine, the USS Dallas. The movie was in the era of The Cold War, when United States had tensions with the Soviet Union. With this in mind, I predicted
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Ryan realized that Ramius might be trying to defect, but the U.S government demur this hypothesis. They claimed that as an analyst, Ryan has no idea what Ramius has in mind. In reality, Ryan knows Ramius. He argued that Ramius is a legend and a maverick and that he actually met him. The government 's decides to offer Ryan an opportunity to prove his theory correct. They send him off to communicate with Ramius. It was during the time of Ryan being on the Red October that the Soviet Union was posing a threat on the Red October. With the help of the USS Dallas captain, Ryan, Ramius, and his crew, they were able to defeat the Konovalov.
The roles of the oceans played critical role in the movie and in the outcome. Ramius was trying to defect; he was trying to leave his country because he disagreed with them and favored the opposing side. The ocean becomes a way for Ramius to oppose and to go against his own country. With the new technology of the Red October, he was able to go undetected in the waters, making his mission of take away a first-strike weapon from the Soviets successful in a way that they were able to destroy Konovalov and take away the strike that
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