Power Of The Heart Analysis

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This incredible movie The Power of the Heart depicts the astonishing power possessed by the human heart and its unmatched intelligence. The film addresses properties of the heart that are beyond the physical that allow human beings to achieve their utmost potential through overcoming human limitations. This vital organ is responsible for man’s connectedness with other human beings, compassion to the plight of others as well as love and understanding. The power of the heart to hate and have negative feelings is as much important as its ability to have good qualities, especially when one’s heart is not open to the world and to other people. The refusal of opening one’s heart is the main reason one gets a ‘broken heart’. The movie used both scientific and spiritual evidence to support these claims about the heart. It makes use of real life inspiring stories about overcoming personal grieve, death, and forgiveness of others. This is the concrete proof…show more content…
Our problems started many years ago due to her constant nagging and belittling nature. In my opinion, she is a perfectionist who goes out of her way to make me look bad in family gatherings. I lost faith in her abilities to offer sound motherly advice since she is very petty and malicious. This is the main reason why I opt out of family gatherings where she is in attendance. In the few instances where I have to attend such meetings, I have to maintain a pretentious appearance of liking her and enjoying her lame jokes. However, the film has offered me a different approach to the problem. By forgiving her, I would lose the burden of having anger and contempt that weigh in my heart every time I have to meet her. I would instead gain quality family holidays. Besides, discarding my negative emotions could help to establish a wonderful motherly relationship based on love and respect instead of hate and
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