Movie Review: The Simpsons: Hurricane Neddy

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The Simpsons

-Hurricane Neddy

The Simpsons is an American situation comedy created by Matt Groening. The first episode of The Simpsons aired in December 17, 1989. An exciting 24 million people tune in to watch The Simpsons each week. On April 19th, 1987 after the shorts of The Simpsons were shown on The Tracy Ullman Shown they developed it into a half-hour prime time show. The episode I will be focusing on is Hurricane Neddy which focuses on the character Ned Flanders as his family goes through a rough time with his house being destroyed. The Simpsons uses several methods such as surrealism, characterisation and satire to engage the audience by adding humour and furthering the plot.

The creators of this show use many different elements such as characterisation and surrealism in "Hurricane Neddy" in order to engage and entertain the viewers. There are many different "characteristic" moments, in this episode for example the episodes ' main characters changes from The Simpsons to Ned Flanders ' and his family, for instance when Ned Flanders ' house gets destroyed by the hurricane the story follows Ned Flanders as he becomes the main character throughout the rest of the episode and as he tries to get his family back on their feet. The people of Springfield decide to come together to rebuild Ned Flanders ' house, but the house isn 't as it used to be, for example, they had a toilet in the kitchen, a badly built generator room and a hallway in reference to Charlie and the

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