Movie Speech: Act 2 Flashback To School

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ACT 2Flashback to School[Rodney and Melissa-anne are sitting at the top of the water tower]Melissa-anne:Rodney get down!RODNEY:But I promise to you I can fly, I can prove it. To you and Shandi and Kirst and Tony and Bert and dad and...[Rodney Goes silent for a minute and then sits down and cries]MELISSA-ANNE:Is this what this is about? Impressing your dad? Taking some action against him?RODNEY:No its about me being a pilot, OF COURSE IT IS. He didnt even let me name the bloody bird, MY bird. Hes always had to been in control with my life and I never got to make a decision about my own life.[He falls silent for a minute]RODNEY:I just wish I can stand up to him, he never listens to me and... and... its just not fair, what kind of father is that…show more content…
All that boy wanted to do was name the bloody bird and keep it and you wouldn't even let him do that!CRAIG:So what? He had to jump cause of that? ELIZABETH:No Craig, it was you just in general, you probably didn't even know the boy is depressed CRAIG:Oh so what im to blame cause of his depression and his jumping? and…show more content…
is?[Craig looks at the ground for a moment, a single tear runs down his face, he looks back at Elizabeth]CRAIG:I just wanted the bird to be called icarus for a symbolic reason, about me and himELIZABETH:Well you should of let him name the bird, it was his and he should of decided where and what it was going to be. This is something you've never understood[they sit in silence]ELIZABETH:I hope you learned something out of thisCRAIG:I didnt learn enough. I miss himELIZABETH:Yeah, I miss him to[They both fall silent]end of SceneThe Gangs reactionShandi, Kirsty, Tony and Bert are being interviewedShandi:I didn't expect that he would of actually jumpedTONY:I think he jumped for a lot more than proving he's better than a birdSHANDI:He was drunk! TONY:Yeah, but thats not the reason he could of thoughBERT:Then... what?TONY:I can say the wine did influence him to think negatively but it was a lot more than that.KIRSTY:Was he...?[Tony
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