Movie Summary In The Film Glory, By Edward Zwickis

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Glory, a movie directed by Edward Zwickis, is the story of the formation and growing of the Massachusetts 54th, a union volunteer infantry composed only of black persons and commanded by the officer Robert t. Shawn, who after having fought and being hurt at the battle of Antietam is chosen by Massachusetts Governor John A. Andrew to do the job. This movie based of some of the real Robert Shawn's writings, gives a realistic view of what Shawn and the members infantry went through as they became members of the army and until the battle of fort Wagner. Through the movie for example were are able to see Shawn's struggle to learn to deal with his infantry, to start empathizing with them and overcoming the gap that existed between them to be able to help them to…show more content…
Through this movie we can see how at the start officers of the union army would not supply the Massachusetts 54th with supplies they needed, we can see how Shawn had to fight to get shoes and union uniforms to the men. We can see how Shawn had to fight also to get the officers to start considering the infantry for the actual fighting because at the start they were created they were only seen as useful for manual work and later for the raiding of confederate houses, but not for anything else. Glory shows how the members of the infantry also had to fight while receiving sometimes the rough or unfair treatment of their trainers, the lack of supplies and of fair payment and the threats from the confederate government that if they found any black person fighting with the union, they would be executed. But the movie also shows how they did not think at any moment of the option of leaving leave the infantry and instead when they finally were given the opportunity to fight many of them were motivated and excited to finally be given the opportunity to fight and defend the
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