Movie Summary Of The Movie 'The Lorax'

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The movie that was given to watch is “The Lorax”. This movie gives a good message to audience and it’s telling a great story. It’s give the awareness about the important of environment that we must to protect. I think that it relates back in today 's world because there are many irresponsible people that cut down trees and do not replace them and then there is a problem with that area that can destroys flora and fauna and give bad effect to the environment. The ethical conflict in the plot is about human greed towards wealth and power. Here are two characters who are mainly involved in ethical an issue which is Once ler and Aloysius O 'Hare. Once ler is young people who have a big dream to make his own money. When he arrived at the Truffula Tree Forest, he chopped the tree and makes the invention of it. But Lorax 's forest guards prevented him from proceeding, and he promised to stop. But then he broke his promise and began to cut all the trees of the business, which eventually destroy the forest. The Once ler’s activities is to maximizing profits as his main goal and objective. He clear-cuts a forest of trees to produce "Thneeds". He also had a profitable business and for growing consumer markets. In addition, Aloysius O 'Hare is taking advantage of the situation to sell oxygen bottles and brainwashing people about the disadvantages of planting trees. Both of them made a gesture that is unethical to destroy the forest and spread artificial propaganda. Once ler is a person
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