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In Lewis Teague’s film, Cujo, there are many similarities and differences from the original Cujo, written by Stephen King. There were also some inferences I made about what would happen to Donna and her son, Tad, while in the car. Also, there was character changes made throughout developing the book into a movie.
There are some similarities between Lewis Teague and Stephen King’s book and movie, Cujo. One major similarity is that Tad’s seat belt is stuck. When trying to get out of the car, he tells Donna, his mother, ""Mommy?" Tad poked his head out the window as far as the seat belt harness would allow. "I can't get this damn old-"." A second similarity is that the window would not go up very easily when Donna was trying to roll it up. "She jackknifed across Tad's lap, moving with such a hard muscular spasm that she cracked her fingers on the window crank. She turned it as fast as she could, panting, feeling Tad squirming beneath her." When trying to get the window shut, so Cujo would not be able to enter, was a challenge for
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One major difference is that the setting is much different. In the book, they are in a garage, but in the movie, they are stopped at an unknown place. Another difference includes when the dog appears. In the book, Cujo appears right away, and starts growling, and slowly moves toward Donna. But, in the movie, when Donna is trying to unbuckle Tad's seat belt, Cujo appears out of nowhere, least expediently. Another difference is Donna's reaction when first seeing Cujo. In the book, she is clumsy, and described as "paralyzed." But, in the movie, she is mainly focused and worried on getting Tad safe, and Cujo off the car's window. A final difference that is changed between the movie and book, are the names. Donna's name is the same in both the book and movie, but not her son's. In the book, her son's name is Tad. But, in the movie, his name is
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