Movie Vs Othello Essay

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Othello, written by Shakespeare in 1603, is one of the most controversial and relevant plays Shakespeare has written. It explores themes such as gender equality and Jealousy that are still pervasive today. The movie O on the other hand is a contemporary version of Othello. It is the American version of Othello. It too explores the Major themes in Othello but (goes on a different path). This allows the movie to be more relatable to the audience hence attracting the public. Although both these texts are similar there are some major differences in the movie that changes the characterisation of certain characters. This includes thing such as the voice for women and motivation for ones actions. At the core of both text there are universal themes…show more content…
He endeavours to change the mindset of how men deem their women counterparts. Hence, placing women in an equal status to men. In the Elizabethan society, women were seen as submissive and a property to men. They had little say or value and was merely seen as something men could enjoy. Furthermore, they were expected to be obedient as well as chaste. This is portrayed in Othello when Brabantio shouts “O though foul thief, where has thou stowed my daughter” to Othello. The word thief is a symbolism of the gender inequality that was prevalent in Elizabethan times. It emphasises that women were literally seen as an item that can be taken or “stowed away”. Similarly, the extent of this concept is exemplified when Othello, Desdemona’s love gives Iago, Othello’s ‘ancient’ his wife “to his conveyance I assign my wife”. Not only does this exemplify that women are inferior to men but it also states that women are seen as a commodity to be given, transported and bought. In addition, it explores the characterisation of Desdemona of how much submissive she is to Othello. This highlights that Shakespeare was a man who viewed women just the same as a man. His emphasis on gender equality allows viewers to get a glimpse of how women are treated and how men should treat
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