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11 Bollywood Movies To Watch During Pregnancy Pregnancy comes with a lot of mood swings, discomforts and idle time. A woman’s majority of time during pregnancy is spent thinking and contemplating about her condition. Despite of that, there are a lot many hours to spare when your baby is busy growing inside you. At such a time, Bollywood can serve as a pregnant woman’s BFF and also a rescue (when there’s information overload). From tough pregnancies, unsuitable surrogacies and pregnant teens to sugary-sweet rom-coms and drama soirées, there are plethora of entertaining Bollywood movies a mom-to-be can binge watch while there 's a bun in her oven. Check out the list of 10 amusing movies to watch while expecting. 1. Taare Zameen Par A genuine story of an eight year old dyslexic boy, Taare Zameen Par is one Bollywood movie that won’t fail to strike a chord or two in any to-be-mommy’s heart. The plot starts with the parents of this special child comparing him to his elder brother. Following a lot of hassle and complaints from school, his parents enlist him into a boarding school where he encounters an amazing teacher (Aamir Khan) who contemplates the real problem. This is exactly where the good part of the movie begins and the way this child recognizes his hidden talent has been beautifully depicted by Amol Gupte. If you wish to dig out your maternal side, solicit this sensation on your hit-list. It will help you learn that fact that no two kids can ever be same in terms of
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