Movies Influence On American Culture

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In the 1920s, movies became the most popular form of American entertainment. No one expected these films, that were once only a couple seconds long, to influence history as much as they did. This addition of technology to the American lifestyle had the rich and the poor lined up to see the newest showings. The movies reflected American culture and personalities. The film industry made an outstanding increase when it changed location, met competition, and when it began adding sound and color. Without the decision to move the film making associations to Hollywood, the movie industry might not be where it is today. A great population of people migrated to Los Angeles in search for bigger and better production opportunities. In 1910, a movie director,…show more content…
Thomas Edison was one of many inventors that tried to add music and speech to films. The year 1927 marked the end of silent film. Engineers at Western Electric came up with the vitaphone, with the backing of Warner Bros. Studio. Soon subtitles were replaced with sound. Movies advanced one way by adding a multiperson camera and lighting crew in 1927. The camera had a movable platform and height control. Thirteen years later “The Jazz Singer” was released by Warner Brothers Studio. It included sound in some scenes, but was largely silent. Just a year later the same company produced the first widely seen animated short film with sound, “Steamboat Willie”. By the end of the decade, all major movie companies only produced films with sound. After movies had sound and color, film makers continued to better their productions and attract audiences worldwide.
Movies in the 1920s differed and were similar to the films that come out today. Back then, movies used attractive girls to sell tickets. Jean Harlow, Mae West, Clara Bow, and Greta Garbo were very famous in the 1920s. Today, movies use the same logic. If the people in the films are attractive then the movies will bring more people in. Throughout time, the movie industry has took something little and created the most dominant form of entertainment for Americans
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