Movies Negative Effects

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Horror movies have always been a very interesting watch for many people if it is just for the story of monsters taking over the world, or the fear and violence that comes along with horror movies. Horror movies usually have something for most people to enjoy. And with the increased use of special effects such as Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), camera and practical effects in movies, it has created a better immersion of horror movies to the audience. Even though having an increased immersion is beneficial to an audience because it keeps them intrigued. There are some negative effects such as the rising cost of money for movie productions or potential psychological effects to people who decide to watch. Even though special effects have both…show more content…
Its overall effect has been a positive effect on the movie-making industry and to the audience who decides to watch. This essay will discuss how special effects have given filmmakers more creative options to make their movies more immersive for audiences and it will also argue about how important it is for only a mature audience to watch these movies because if immature audiences do decide to watch, it can lead to them acting more angrily in public. This essay will cover how some of the costliest movie production have also become some of the biggest and highest grossing movies. These essays will show how much of an impact that special effects have had on the movie making industry and have helped to give the audience a more immersive experience than ever before and will give people a better understanding of how special effects have improved movies. These essay will show the connection of how special effects have helped to create a better immersion with its audience and increased intrigue and interest. In summary, the significance of this essay is to prove that while special effects can have some negative effects depending on the audience, it has had an overall positive effect on the movie making industry because it has allowed movie creators more options to create horror movies in their
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