Moving Away From High School

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Have you ever had to move away from something and you thought it was going to be the end of your life? I used to live in Colorado. For almost nine years I enjoyed growing up in Greeley CO. I met a lot of people, and finish school all the way up to half of my sophomore year. I was really excited to start my second year of high school. I thought it couldn 't get any better! I had all my friends in the same school and most of my classes. Since I wouldn 't be on the bottom as a freshman it was way more exciting to become a sophomore! I had great classes and the teachers were good. I passed all of my classes for my first semester. Between the one year you have two semesters and the end of the first semester you get your winter break and the end of the second semester you have the…show more content…
Well on my winter break, I found out that we were moving. We sold our house. It was really hard for me to see my grandparents already setting up boxes and packing our belongings. She answers, without me talking, " we 're moving to Arizona in a week or so". I was speechless. I thought to myself what am I going to do? I have all my friends, my school I can 't just leave all of that. My grandparents said they wanted to be closer to family in arizona. So that 's why we were moving. I didn 't have a choice I had to start packing I waited to the very last moment I could. Hoping they would just turn around and say, "just kidding we 're not moving". I had a day left to pack, and I got it done sadly. I said my goodbyes. And it felt like right after that I was in the car saying goodbye to what it felt like my whole life. I slept all of the trip I could. I didn 't want to talk to anyone or see anything on this dreadful 13 hour long trip. We got situated in our apartment in bullhead city AZ. I would also attend my next high school called Mohave High School in a couple days. Not excited I got up in the morning for my first day of school. Bullhead city is small and hot. I didn 't like anything at all
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