Moving Away In Nhamo's Setting Sun

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People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you need to learn to handle things on your own. This quote means that your parents can’t baby you every little second. In the story ‘Setting Sun’, Nhamo wants to leave his parents farm to adventure off into the real world by himself. I think that moving out is a big step to adulthood and it is very important that everyone moves out at some point. One detail from the story that connected to me was “If Old Musoni’s son was going away he must not be mad. This detail means that you should not be mad at them if they think they made the right choice. The detail is significant to me because my brother is going to college in less than a year and I shouldn’t be mad at him which I am not. With…show more content…
The meaning of this idea is basically think twice before you go too far away that you will end up forgetting your family. Our family doesn’t want Brady to go too far away that we won’t be able to see him. Also, I want to be able to see what a college looks like in person before I have to go looking at colleges on my own. Therefore, keeping your family is close is important. Finally, “The land is still yours. As long I am alive you will find a home waiting for you,” speaks to me. The meaning of this detail is no matter how far you go you can always come back to a home. If my brother goes to a nearby college, he can always come back and live with us instead of on campus. If he goes to a college further than an hour away he can always come back and stay for the summer if he wanted to. It also shows me that wherever I go I can always come back to a home. Nhamo wanted to spread his wings and leave his home. While this is an important step to adulthood, one must be careful not to lose sight of what is truly important. To me, family is the most important. Keeping in mind the quotes from the story, help me adjust to the idea of my older brother going away to
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