Moving Away Narrative Essay

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When I was about 7 me and my family went to Mexico to visit family, for Christmas. It was a long 4 hour flight to Dallas, Texas to respite, then another 3 hour flight to the airport. After that we still had to get in a taxi for an hour long from the airport to my grandparents house. On our way to my grandparents house there is a lot of dirt, livestock, stores, and houses. It was about midnight when we left the airport so it was about 1 when we got to my grandparents house. Luckily everyone was still awake so we were not stuck outside. As soon as we walk in my grandma and grandpa give me and my brother a big hug. Then my cousins come up to meet me for the first time.My aunt all ready asleep. “How was your flight?” my grandmother asks. “Ok,
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