Moving Away Personal Narrative

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Have you ever moved somewhere your not proud of? I was 16 living in Woodlawn Illinois, it was about the end of 2nd semester in school. I wanted to move back to Ste Genevieve and the only option for me to move back was to live with my dad for the summer he had a job lined up for me and everything. So I asked my mom if I could move to my dad 's and go work with him this summer. She was okay with it but she told me that I was coming back at the end of the summer. I told her that was fine and I started to pack my stuff for the last day of school. I learned with me being at my dads my mom wanted to be home even more. When my mom said I could move back I didn’t start packing right away because school wasn’t over for two or three. The next two weeks passed and I had packed little stuff. My mom told me that i should start packing if i’m wanting to be ready for when my dad gets here. So I went to my room got my electronics bed and dresser. After I packed my more important stuff I went down to the garage and started getting my dirt bikes and riding gear ready to get packed up. It was the last day of school and I was waiting for my dad to come get me. When he got here we loaded all my stuff talked for a bit and left. When I got to there house we unloaded my stuff and made…show more content…
School started on a tuesday and I rode the bus, when I got to school it was kinda weird coming back to school here because it 's been so long. After about a week of school it was back to normal. My stepmom and dad were still fighting off and on throughout school and on the weekends. Then one day my mom told me she was getting to come back to Bloomsdale. I was so excited because I hadn’t seen her in a couple weeks and she was getting her old job back at loves. I packed my stuff from my dad 's and moved to my moms on wednesday september 14th. From then to now i 've been living with my mom and it’s been much better seeing my family again and being able to actually talk to my mom in person not through the
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