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The Move ROUGH DRAFT I have not always lived here, in Abu Dhabi. In fact, I came here quite recently, three years ago to be exact. Before that, I used to live I the USA, but because of a lot of opportunities for my dad (who is a doctor) we moved a lot; coming to Abu Dhabi marked the fourth time I’ve moved. I started out in the Capital of Illinois; Springfield. There, I spent the first four years of my life. Thinking about that place just fills me with nostalgia. I remember there used to be an ice cream parlor near my house, and every weekend my family woul=l09hd go there and eat some. My family, by the way, consisted of one sister and my parents at the\ time. My dad, at that time, was a general physician. He wasn’t satisfied with just …show more content…

I didn’t really like it there, mostly because I loved playing in the snow, and there was exactly none there. Compared to Canada’s weather, California is like an oven. We went from jackets and snow-pants to t-shirts and shorts. After three years of California, my dad decided he wanted to specialize even more. He wanted to go into Invasive Cardiology. As a result, we found ourselves on a plane to New Jersey within a few weeks. I was excited, mostly for the snow I was expecting to …show more content…

This excited me greatly; I always kind of felt….. alone, especially in school. I wasn’t that I had no friends, I did. It was that I always felt different. While everyone would be discussing what they got for Christmas, I would be patiently waiting for Eid. Also, nobody spoke Arabic, and nobody was Muslim. So who cares if it’s as hot as a devil’s backside here? At least, that’s what I thought. Then it became summer. We were expecting to be in Abu Dhabi by then, but we weren’t there yet. The reason for this was that for some reason, my dad’s medical license was taking a bit long to process here. So we waited. And waited. Two months later, we still weren’t in Abu Dhabi, and everyone was starting to get worried. My mom started urging my dad to look for another job, but my dad refused; he really wanted this. Another week passed, and we were all starting to lose hope. My dad had gotten a completely unrelated job offer from Atlanta, and he was about to call the hospital here to tell them that he would not be coming. The only “problem” was that they beat him to it. “Your license is ready,” some random guy said, “sorry for the delay. We’ve booked a flight for you in four

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