Moving Family Research Paper

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Moving you family can be filled with mixed emotions for everyone involved. It can be a very exciting time in their lives and for yours as well but also a move can be a sad and stressful time. There are a few things that as a parent, you can do to support your child or children through this emotional time of uncertainty in their lives. Just because you and your spouse may be excited for all the changes that lie ahead of you don 't necessarily mean that the children involved share in your enthusiasm. Children process change of any kind very differently and have to learn how to cope with several changes at one time with a move. Psychologists will tell you that anger is a common emotion that is difficult to deal with. Expect your kids to be angry…show more content…
I find that if you compile information about the place you are going to and share that information with your family so that they can get an idea of what life could be like their. Start very early with sharing all information especially with older school age children. If it is possible for you to obtain pictures of the town and house you are moving to you should get as many photos of the area as possible and take the opportunity to make it a conversation session with your family. I always find that a moving party is a fun way to make some memories to take with you of friends you are leaving behind. You can start a personal phone book of addresses with your children so that they can send pictures or post cards to their family and friends of their new place. Encourage them to write or call their friends often. When you arrive at your new home a good way to help with the transition with your children is to help your children decorate their rooms. Make it a special place for them in their new home. Remember to reassure your children that all changes come with new
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