Heart Of Darkness Kurtz Character Analysis

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The book “Heart of Darkness” was written by Joseph Conrad. The book majors mostly on two characters. Marlow (who took the position after someone was murdered) and Kurtz (who seems to be a public figure or idol talked of everyone) are the most featured in the book. The book is based on a story of moving from civilization into the savage. Moving from light to darkness. The book also talks about evil regarding the quotes used. Harlequin is a Russian man who has made Kurtz his worship idol. Marlow regards him as the unsolvable problem. He always considers Kurtz right always. He is much obsessed with Kurtz, and he is among the Congolese who worships Kurtz. He also not seems to be well with the relationship between Kurtz and the African warrior woman. He disappears into the wilderness after taking some of the spare items from Marlow, the generous guy. (pg. 197) The book talks about several events that occur that describe betrayal and shifting from light to darkness and more so misunderstanding among the characters. There are several quotes used to describe the happenings in this book. “Remarkable” Kurtz is said to be a remarkable man. This is due to his ability to cut through ambiguity and create something that is definite. Kurtz is more fascinating than Marlow, and for the…show more content…
The recommendation in the report that Whites are gods in Congo. This is based on evidence that he was respected as the god. He made this just for the purpose of exploiting them for his own benefits. In (page 111), he explains that he intended to help people, but he seems to forget himself and the intended purpose. This report also reveals how Kurtz was a devil and it has coverage of all evil things. The report also suggests that all natives should be exterminated. Marlow is left between whether to recommend or approves the ideas. Contracting images of Kurtz confuses him although he admires the unbound eloquence of
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