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Moving is a stressful time for every member of your family, and your pets are no exception. Just like you, they may need some time to adjust to their new surroundings after a move. Here are some tips to minimize your pet 's stress and help them adjust to their new home. Limit Your Stress Your pet can sense your stress, so minimizing your angst reduces theirs. Keep calm during the move and give yourself ample time to pack and complete other tasks. Have plenty of help lined up, rent your moving truck from a reliable rental company and know where your boxes are coming from so you don 't have to scramble. If possible, have any loud renovations or construction projects on the new home completed before moving in. Create a Safe Space on moving day, place your pet along with his food, water, bedding and toys in a bedroom. If you have a cat, include his litter box. Make sure the windows in this room are closed and the door stays shut throughout your move. Move this…show more content…
Rub a soft cloth on your pet and then rub the cloth on walls, carpets and other areas throughout the home. Cats tend to bond to places as well as people, so spreading their scent throughout the new space helps to calm them and ease their stress. Play More Make sure you spend lots of time playing with your pet and walk your dog frequently after you move. Tired critters are much less likely to get into trouble while you 're focused on unpacking and settling in. A tired pet is far less likely to go snooping through open boxes you haven 't quite emptied yet or run off. Remember to update your pet 's identification tags immediately after your move just in case a stressed pet does run off. Keep doors and fences closed during the adjustment period and get into your new routine as soon as you can after moving. With a little patience and a few extra snuggles your pet will adjust to your new home

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