Moving To America Analysis

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Not so Overseas
When crossing the border of Mexico to the United States, I feel most think of the adults that find their way crossing what can be very dangerous parts of the border. I want to tell a story about a little girl, Lupe Guerra found herself in the same dangerous situation with her family without really knowing what was going on at the time. Being so young thinking that her and her family are just “moving”.
After several years of severe poverty in Mexico City, Mexico, the Guerra family was at a cross road. With their house and work all taken over and controlled by the Cartel it was either start getting involved in a lot of illegal activities or take a chance and use their life savings to move the family across the border into the United States where you can make a new and better life for everyone. Lupe’s parents make the decision to try to make a better life for everybody. “My mom always said, I rather die trying, than spending every day, trying not to die”.
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When the “roach couch” finally arrived it was loaded to the max, including the Lupe who was very upset. She did not want to leave her friends and the people she grew to love. She remembers being told they were just moving to another house in Mexico. After what seemed like days, it was mid-night and she had arrived at the first stop to a “safe house” where everyone would rest and grab some food and water for the night. “I remember the horrible smell, like a zoo”. When all the mattresses were taken and claimed, Lupe rested her head and began to fall asleep watching her dad still standing, guarding the little girl and her mother. It was later explained to her that all the people there were not always the nicest and many had violent criminal backgrounds and her Dad stayed up all night making sure his family was
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