Reaction About Mars

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Last week, I went to watch the movie title “The space between us” In the movie is about the one company launched the first mission to colonize Mars. During the journey, the lead astronaut discovers she is pregnant. After landing, she dies from complications while giving birth to the first human born on Mars. This kid can’t come back to the Earth cause of the difference in gravity, which effects to his bone mass. This makes me rethink about the idea of moving to Mars. How can human move and live on Mars? (Pause*2) Who: Hello, I am Nutsima Nongyai or you can call me Mew. Why: Many people might be heard news about found the new planet similar to Earth which is Mars (Pause*2). We are curious of Mars will be our new world in the future and you…show more content…
Mars is remarkably similar to our Earth. With polar ice caps, seasonal changes, and weather patterns, it appears to be relatively comparable. However, the absence of an ozone layer and liquid water are both extreme factors in the safety of human. As you can see, in this picture tell you about the green Mars. We can transform Mars. At the first state building up the atmosphere, it took 90 years and cost 500 billion USD and continues to the last state Mars colonization, it will use 480 years and cost almost 4 trillion USD dollar. Closing: Signal: Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation. (Pause*3) Summary (What): Let me now summarize what I talked about the cause and effect of moving to Mars. Earth and Mars as different as they are alike and even if Mars is devoid of past or present life, however, there 's still much excitement on the horizon. We might become the "life on Mars". Conclusion (Why): At this time, you may understand more about cause and effect. Closing remarks: About the idea of moving to Mars. This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. I don’t even know it will be true or not. Meanwhile, we still have to learn a lot about this amazing planet and its extreme
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