Moving To Mexico Changes

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Changes sometimes happen so you can learn important life lessons. When something bad happens in your life you tend to think about the negative side. You never think about the positive things because you automatically think it happened to make your life worse. In this essay I’m going to tell you about me moving, meeting my best friend, and going to Mexico and pretty much living there for three months.
When I moved to Idaho it was really hard because I had to go to a new school. But it was actually a good thing because I got to meet my best friend Catherine Arredondo. A year after meeting my best friend I got to go to Mexico after 12 years of not going. These are my life changing events. Sometimes change could be good, but sometimes it can be bad.
Let’s start with my first life changing event. When my parents told me I was moving to Idaho it was legit two days before leaving. I didn’t really have any time to say goodbye to all my friends. I was living in New Mexico so moving from New Mexico to Idaho was a really long trip. I remember crying on my way to Idaho because I kept thinking of going
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We met in the seventh grade in a science class. At first we weren’t close at all. I hung out with different people at the time and so did she. I hate her and I want to step on her face, but she is my best friend so I’m not aloud to go that. Catherine has been a big part of my life because she has stayed by my side through so many things. She gives me the best advise and I appreciate her because of that. Although she gives good advice she can be pretty straight up about the things she tells me. That’s why we usually fight, but it only lasts a couple minutes and we end up forgetting about it. I don’t think I’ll be able to live without her or her stupidity. It’s a great feeling knowing that I will always have someone who I can talk to if I ever feel bad and that is probably the best feeling
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