Moving To Teenagers

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Many jobs keep adults continually moving all over the country. Relocating to a new community is inconvenient for everyone in a family, but it is hardest on teenagers. Regularly moving from city to city, state to state does have adverse effects on young teenagers. Teenagers change schools frequently due to their parent 's jobs. Starting a new school every year or two is difficult for a teenager. Awkward situations can arise if you do not know a teacher, principle, or other faculty names. Moving in the middle of the school year can be even more challenging for a young teen. Other students may be ahead or behind the transferred student depending on the way the instructor teaches the class, causing the teen to adjust to where the other students are in their studies. These transitions cause the teen to feel like school is redundant and boring. These students get careless with their school and may even settle for work that is not to their full potential. Other transferred students have stress because of learning delays compared to other students. These students try to increase their efforts to improve their grades, but they do not reach above average most of the time. In addition, adjusting…show more content…
Moving out of state separates people that are closest to the young teen. They move away from their families, the closest relationships a teen has in their lives. A grandparent that they love or a cousin they talk to every day will be far away from them. They will not see their family members as regularly, making close relationships the teen has with their families weaken due to the lack of contact. Some teens never get to know their family because of the constant relocation. They never stay in one place long enough to see their family or get to know them. This may be the most depressing part of continuous displacing that they experience, the teenager misses out on some of the greatest family
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