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Should People Move In Together Before Marriage?
While a lot of people don 't believe in moving in together before marriage, there are tons of pros and cons to making that decision; if your religion allows it. Will it affect the romance in your relationship? What if he likes to leave the toilet seat up? If you are deciding whether living with your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage is a good idea, take a look at my pros and cons.
The first on my list of pros to moving in together before marriage all have to do with getting to know each other better. Living together can be an excellent compatibility test. Living with your mate gives you a sneak peek into what your life will look like. You 'll both be able to observe what the other
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For instance, living with your mate does help you both financially until it comes down to who name is going on the lease. What if you make more money than your mate? What if he has bad credit? If you break up who will get the apartment? These are some of the situations that will have to be discussed prior to moving in with each other. In addition to moving in together, most partners don 't look at the fact that living with each other can reduce quality time spent together. Just think about it before you moved in with you mate, you made time to see him or her because of your busy schedule you didn 't see each other every day. Now, fast forward to moving in together, you may grow to get irritated by each other because you 're not used to spending so much time together. People believe that moving in before marriage grows closer to a proposal, but that can lead to anxiety and pressure on both sides. Finally, you should take in consideration to what both sides of the family might think about it. A couple that lives together before becoming married can upset their families that have strict religious beliefs. If these families are the soon-to-be-bride or groom 's parents, that can create a rift between the family which can be difficult to repair.
In conclusion, there are both pros and cons to moving in before marriage, and it will be your responsibility to make an informed decision as to

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