Mower Against Gardens Poem Analysis

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The Mower Against Gardens is one of four "mower" poems from author Andrew Marvell. The poem describes the capacity of mankind to destroy and manipulate nature. Marvell 's poem is deceiving, to first glace the poem appears to be non-stanzaic but is has hidden stanzas from lines 1-18 and 19-36. The division of the poem in such a way is strategic, the stanzas have a specific build, making the poem more structured and effective. Throughout the poem there are many poetic devices used, such as iambic pentameter and tetrameter, repetition and rhyming, as well as imagery. The author composed the poem in such a way that it is dulcet to read. The message within the poem is evident because of the Metaphors of nature and the destruction of mankind. Andrew…show more content…
The poem uses implicit repetition more so than explicit repetition. Repetition is very effective when trying to convey a message, if a professor repeats a concept, it is most likely important to note; alike, Marvell does the same thing. There are few examples of explicit repetition expect for the word "man" and the pronoun "he". The word "man" is repeated twice throughout the poem but implied enough by male pronouns. The word man in the context of this poem, implies mankind in its entirety. The central meaning of Marvell 's poem revolves around the manipulation of mankind, "With strange perfumes he did the roses taint" (line 11). The aforementioned line represents the capability humans have to create artificial flowers mimicking the same make-up of that of a real rose or taint. Throughout the poem the author refers to he, him, or man as something that is wielding nature in a negative manner. By repeatedly giving examples about the effects of society, the audience can detect that the ongoing theme is relevant to the poet 's…show more content…
Poetic meters in combination with repeated ideas, words, and rhymes are all used in Marvell 's poem, The Mower Against Gardens. The poem explores humanities ungratefulness and abuse to nature with the use of sexual imagery. The poem resonates with the audience because it flows smoothly and is easy to read. The use of repetition is pronounced in the poem and the integrated tail rhymes enhance and join together associated couplets. The rhythmical nature of the poem alongside the "Da-Duh" poetic meters are key to Marvell 's writing. The poetic meters and repetition are just as important as the words written by Marvell, without the use of those poetic devices, the poems meaning would change and the stanzas would
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