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Letters Of Mozart One of the first subjects I decided to look for in Mozart’s letters were the relationship between him and Hieronymus Colloredo. Colloredo was the Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg from 1771-1803. The relationship between these two is that Mozart worked in Colloredo’s court in Salzburg from 1773-1777. The first letter I decided to look at was authored by Mozart to Hieronymus Colloredo on August 1st 1777. This letter is pretty significant because in it, Mozart is asking to be discharged from the court. He cites many reasons but his primary one is that he wants to be able to help out his father financially. Throughout the entire letter, I noticed how careful Mozart was in order to remain respectful which shows how important and influential Colloredo was. Another one of the letters I found interesting was between Mozart and his father. It was written In June 1781. these letters, Mozart talks about how unhappy he was working…show more content…
1, 1780, Mozart shares a quote from Ramm which shows Friedrich’s admiration for Mozart. The quote reads ”I must honestly confess that no music ever made such an impression on me, and I assure you I thought of your father fifty times at least, and of the joy he will feel when he hears this opera." Throughout a majority of the letters, you can tell that Mozart was very fond of Ramm. Virtually everything said within the letters was very positive. In his letter written on Dec. 3, 1777, Mozart even describes him as "a good, jolly, worthy man, about thirty-five, who has travelled a great deal, so has much experience.” I can tell through the tone of Mozart’s letters that he probably considered Ramm a friend and they shared a high level of mutual respect. After reading these groups of letters, I learned some new things. I never knew that Mozart wrote a handful of compositions as gifts for other talented musicians. I also did not know how closely tied the musicians were around this time
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