Mozart Vs Mccandless Research Paper

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian multiinstrumental artist, musician, and composer whose bizarre, yet extraordinary musical style and sound influenced not just the classical music age, but also the music you hear today. Mozart compositions would go outside of and beyond what kings and emperors were used to hearing. Like Chris McCandless, Mozart was questioned for his choices, criticized for what he did, and was isolated from the so called average people of society. Both Mozart and McCandless would do what they wanted, lived the way they wanted, and desired what they did, despite who told them so. Wolfgang Mozart was born into musical family in Salzburg Austria on January 27, 1756. Mozart’s father, Leopold Mozart, was a successful composer,…show more content…
McCandless just liked to do what he wanted and on his own terms. In the early 1790, Mozart emerged from the deep depths of his depression, and went through a period of great music productivity and selfhealing. Some of Wolfgang Amadeus’s most recognizable and admired pieces were composed during this period. These include the opera Magic Flute, the final piano concerto in B flat, Clarinet Concerto in A major, and the unfinished Requiem. McCandless would experienced periods of relief as well. Some of these times would be when he was working for Westerburg, traveling with the German couple, his time in Bullhead City, his time in the Slabs with Jan, and many more. However, McCandless stayed mentally and physically healthy, despite his severe weight loss. In 1791, Mozart’s mental and physical health began to deteriorate even more. In September, 1791 Mozart sobered up briefly so he could conduct the Prague premiere of The Magic Flute. Two months later Mozart was confined to bed. Despite his friends and family
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