Mr. Arbeiter: Holocaust Survivor

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Mr. Arbeiter is an important man. He was a survivor who told us his story of living through the Holocaust. Mr. Arbeiter was a person who has changed my view. There are many things I would love to ask him. I really want to know how life was before, and after it happened.
Mr. Arbeiter doesn’t want history to repeat itself. He doesn’t want it to happen again.This is so most of humanity will be at peace.He doesn’t want any of the horrors to repeat . This is so people will know that it happened, but not have to experience it in their own life. He wishes for no one to hate one another. He wants all of us to be equal , so no one will feel hate. If they don’t feel hated, they won’t cause hatred towards others. Mr. Arbeiter wants the youth to be peaceful.
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This is so we will have the same type of products but it wouldn’t harm the Earth. Solve all of the problems for food. Making sure people have food. Try and always have food for everyone. Making sure all crops are being farmed correctly. Try to find homes for everyone, maybe have natural home, so you wouldn’t have to cut down trees. Planting double the amount of trees we cut. This is so that there will be more trees as we cut the wood. Try to lower the crime rate. We can try to adjust some of the laws. I say this because many people attend to follow the laws. This will hopefully help change the world we are living in. A possible way for peace is to solve international problems. This is so there won 't be any more reasons for war. These good solutions will cultivate a better world.
I 'll remember the Holocaust for the rest of my life. This is because I never want to see anyone or even myself experience this event. It 'll always be in the back of my head. It stands out a lot to me. Those lives that were lost, will most definitely never be forgotten. The people who died had to go through such horrible events. The people who survived must of been horrified after living through all of that. They probably never saw their family again. I am happy that I 'll at least I could see my family
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