Mr Backwards Iagogue Analysis

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I have a confession I wish to make to the public, my conscience weighs heavily upon me concerning my first posting. I would like to clarify that I do not believe Mr. Backwards to be a Godless or immoral man, but rather a demagogue. Now, it is no secret that Mr. Backwards was the culprit responsible for the slanderous publication concerning General George Washington, for he has not been discrete in keeping his identity hidden from the public. This, my dear friends, is the sign of a demagogue. One who spews baseless accusations against another for the sake popularity and sows discord among the convention is not fit to be sitting here with such esteemed men. Before I go into any more detail on this matter, I would first like to explain the…show more content…
Backwards possessed control over the delegation he sits on. But now we see, there are finally fractures in his once stalwart faction. I must confess that I am grateful that we are finally free from tyranny, and that he is exposed for what he truly is. He cares not for this convention nor the work we do, and would like nothing more than to witness it’s destruction. That is not to say, however, that Mr. Backwards cares for nothing at all, as I have stated before, he cares much for himself and his drink! However, there is one more object which he holds fondly in his heart. The office which he holds in his home state. It is well known that Mr. Backwards had no inclination of joining this assembly as the very nature of it makes him sick at the thought. Do not be fooled by this man, he hides behind the excuse of being a state’s rights activist, but truly sets this man on edge, and plants anxiety in his soul is the desire to protect the significance of his local office. Recall to Franklin dinner where he so arrogantly boasted of him holding this office as if he were the only one capable of assuming the position? I do not deny that Mr. Backwards is unqualified, but rather he is overqualified, which is why he holds himself in such high regard. The loftiness to which he holds himself to this position has so greatly inflated his ego that he has lost sight of the rest of the country and his companions. I implore members of this convention to disregard Mr. Backwards. Demagogues such as himself threaten the very foundation of republic virtue because their actions are not restrained by obligation to their brothers. When a man loses his capacity to sympathize, the most remarkable quality of human nature we have at our disposal, then that man is no longer driven by the general will and has proven himself a danger to all
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