Mr Bergeron Character Analysis

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Mr. Bergeron or what he called himself, The King, his parents were normal people with handicapper things they had to wear, now when The King was a boy his intelligence was abnormal. Even with his handicapper headphones and weights he was somehow able to go against them and have more intelligence then he was aloud, he was soon after he was taken from his family. His mother and father didn’t think much of it, mainly because they weren’t aloud to think, especially his father. The Kings father was much smarter then his mother, and was forced to wear handicappers, so every time he started to think then a loud noise would play through his handicapper headphones. After a while of being held under arrest, The King broke free and went to the television station and took over the station, he choose a wife, a Queen and told everyone he was king, and that everyone should follow him, while he was doing this he mother, Hazzel, she was…show more content…
His rebellion shows that his character is smart, strong and prefect, but also eaten up by power, he didn’t think before he went to the studio and that led him to getting shot. His queen to was shot because of this, but his rebellion was for everyone’s freedom, their real freedom. In all honesty there should be another story where a different person comes that does this but thinks before he does. Maybe someday this story can be continued, but who can say it will, it could be said that what happens in the story will happen in 2081. so was his rebellion good or bad, honestly its your, the readers decision on that. In a society like in 2081, most people wouldn’t find it very acceptable, they want to be the best they can possibly be but in 2081 you can’t, you can’t be creative at all so Harrisons rebellion is very
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