Mr. Bessire: A Short Story

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This is the story of how I would end up meeting the greatest inspiration of my life Mr.
Bessire. Now you probably don’t know the Mr. Bessire was the Ag teacher my my high school, Briggsdale High School. At a whooping 5’6 and about 140 with blonde hair Mr Bessire didn’t not look an all inspiring figure. To be honest when I first saw the man I thought what was the big deal, and why does everyone talk so positively about this man. I mean everyone always was telling me that as soon as I hit high school to join the FFA program simply because I boosted the best ag teacher in the state, and I wasn’t just hearing this from my friends. No, I was hearing from my older sibling who both had gone through his program. Little did I know that my friends and family would be so right.
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The worst part about it was all my friends ,who were in a different scheduled hour than me, talk to each other about how great of a teacher he was. I mean I didn’t get it. What was so great about this teacher, and why was everyone so inspired by him? I kept thinking about this until the preparations for the creed speaking event was starting. For those who didn’t take FFA the creed was a 5 paragraph speech that every freshman had to take. I learned this speech word for word in less than half the time it took my classmates to do. It was really a this moment in time that Mr. Bessire actually started to talk to me on a regular biases. I found how funny and smart this man was. He didn’t just look at a person, he was able to look through a person. Now I had finally understood why this man was so great, and for the next four years this man pushed my to my very limits on what I could accomplish. He helped me through the good times, and more importantly through the bad. One instance of this I will never forget. It was the day that the new FFA chapter officers were going to be announced. Our chapter officers were voted in by the leaving seniors in the high school. I had
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