Mr. Bracey's Constraints

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Diversity and Difference When discussing client constraints, Mr. Bracey identified his constrains as dropping out of college and not being able to finish his education, having high expectations of his grade school teachers and family members, and his attitude towards authority. He stated that dropping out of college is a constraint because other individuals assume he was unable to make high grades; therefore, he stated that feels people underestimate his intelligence. Mr. Bracey explained the expectations from his family and grade school teachers is another constraint because his family expectations are high. He stated, “My family and my grade school teachers expect me to become this great over achiever because I was so smart in school. I try my best, but that does not seem to be good enough for them.” Therefore, it can be concluded he feels these individuals hold him accountable to meet expectations he feels he cannot fulfill. Lastly, Mr. Bracey identified his attitude toward authorities as a constraint because he is a black male. He stated being a black male in America makes him a target for police.…show more content…
Bracey identified supports he feels give him an advantage in his cultural setting. He identified his family communication as a support. He says, “Our communication helps me when I do not know what to do. We get through a lot of tough situations because we know how to communicate well with one another.” He then identified his open mindedness and honesty as a support. Stating this is a support because many individuals appreciate when he is honest and is open-minded. Mr. Bracey stated, “A lot of people like to be around me because I am very honest. I tell people the truth, just like I would want them to tell me the truth.” He followed this statement saying, “I also accept people for who they are, so I try to approach everyone with an open mind.” Therefore, it is clear Mr. Bracey appreciates diversity and respects other’s
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