Mr Capulet Character Analysis Essay

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Men are evaluated by their character and actions. In order to make a sound judgement, one must observe many instances upon which to base a judgement. An assessment based on a single instance is rarely reliable, and does not reveal much about the true character of a man. Likewise, glancing at but a few instances, some readers come to the conclusion that, Mr. Capulet, from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, changes his opinions and views throughout the course of the play. Contrary to that belief, the character and opinions of Mr. Capulet do not change, but rather, distorted by anxiety and emotion, he acts out of character. As the wise, paternal figure of his family, Capulet, in calm situations, repeatedly shows wisdom and patience, displaying his true character. When a suitor of his daughter asks Capulet for her hand in marriage, Capulet responds, “But saying o’er what I have said before. / … Let two more summers wither in their pride / Ere we may think her to be a bride” (1.2.7,10-11). Beginning his response thusly, Capulet leads one to believe that he has maintained this opinion and belief about the future of his only daughter, and that he intends to stay fast to his belief. Patience…show more content…
Examining the character of Capulet in depth, portrays his true character as the one revealed in the beginning of the book, and that his reaction, was an out of character mistake, influenced by anxiety and emotion. All humans have times where they do not act like themselves, and misrepresent their character and ideals, as did Capulet. The way that humans often deviate from their character, shows that judging people from small sample sizes misses the whole point. Leading only to misunderstandings, that, as seen in Romeo and Juliet, can prove
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