Mr. Capulet In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet are two star crossed lovers that both pay the ultimate price for love. Mr. Capulet is the power hungry and selfish ruler of the Capulet Family. The highly ranked and socially respected Montague family keeps the Capulets from being the highest ranked family in Verona. The attitude of Mr. Capulet has Juliet, his daughter, scared to tell him anything, much less so about her marriage to Romeo, a Montague. Juliet’s relationship with her dad is slim to none and has Mr. Capulet guessing what she is like and he makes all decisions for her without even knowing what's going on in her life. Mr. Capulet is the most responsible for Romeo and Juliet’s death because he didn't respect Juliet’s thoughts , he was selfish, and he kept the feud going between the families. Social status. That's all Mr. Capulet was thinking about when he arranged the marriage between Juliet and Paris. When the two families were on good terms with the Prince Mr. Capulet thought “She hath not seen the change of fourteen years, Let two more summers wither in their pride, pass by Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.” When the Prince is…show more content…
Capulet kept the feud between the two families because he felt too proud of himself and his achievements. This ongoing feud made it impossible for Juliet to tell Mr. Capulet that she was already married, and to a Montague. “My sword, I say! Old Montague is come, And flourishes his blade in spite of me.” Mr. Capulet hears of a brawl in the streets of Verona and he automatically draws his weapon just because it’s against the Montagues. Mr. Capulet also refuses his Lady’s wishes for him not to fight because he felt like he was too good not to fight. Romeo and Juliet were scared to tell anyone about their marriage because of this feud. It’s also the reason that Juliet had to fake her death when it came to marrying Paris. Mr. Capulet is the the reason why Romeo and Juliet died because he was too proud of his family and he kept the feud going
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