Mr Collins Pride And Prejudice Analysis

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"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart" (Phyllis Theroux). Jane Austen’s pride and prejudice is filled with many odd and diverse characters. For instance, Mr. Collins who is a very non sensible man and he is very arrogant and pompous and has a habit of condemning others however he has the upmost respect for one person only and that is Lady Catherine de Bourgh. As well, Mrs. Gardiner who is very kind and loving to Elizabeth and Jane almost like a mother they never had to them and she also is very critical on subjects such as one’s character yet she maintains a non-biased opinion. Lastly, Mr. Darcy who is a character who’s personality has changed much throughout the course of the story with him starting out as a selfish, arrogant, and prideful man then becoming that…show more content…
Collins’ letters and see how it reveals his personality. Mr. Collins’ letter is written in a way in which it makes him seem as if he is a person high social standing. Even though the truth is revealed that he is nothing but a mere clergyman who is also one Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s underlings which is a clear statement on how much Mr. Collins sees in himself and how arrogant Mr. Collins’ really is. Also, in his letter he needlessly keeps flattering and giving complements to Lady Catherine de Bourgh he even states that the reason he is looking for a wife and visiting his cousins is because Lady Catherine de Bourgh had ordered him to do so. As well, Mr. Bennet and Elizabeth were able to figure out that Mr. Collins is not a sensible man because he was apologize for his inheritance of the Bennet’s house even though it something that he has no control over. Furthermore, in Mr. Collins second letter it’s very clear how insensitive Mr. Collins is when he tells Mr. Bennet "The death of your daughter would have been a blessing in comparison of this". In conclusion, this is how Mr. Collins personality is revealed by the use of his
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