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Recently our class got a chance for an exclusive interview with our writing teacher, Mr. Ezzard. In the interview we asked a series of important questions, mostly geared towards his past experiences and life choices. We were able to get a better understanding of him with the answers we received.

We began the interview with a monumental question. We asked "When did you meet your wife and how?" Mr. Ezzard claims that he met his wife in 1993 in Boston. He was trying to become a new initiate in the Peace Corp. He went to an interview to see if he was cut out for the job and his soon-to-be wife was the interviewer. The interview went very well and he was accepted into the roster of all the others that were trying to join at the time. As he spoke to her, he fell in love. Every once in a while, he would call her and ask if he had been officially accepted. She said not yet, then he would ask if she would like to go out for lunch. She said no once again. This process repeated for quite some time. Finally one day he called and he had been accepted. He then asked if she wanted to have
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When he writes, he is inspired by many different things. He gets inspiration from art, old photos, researching, stories on the news, music, sounds, and traveling to new places and discovering their culture. He also is inspired to write by "weird reality". Weird reality is strange things or creatures in life. One example of weird reality that he spoke of is the Mud Skipper. The Mud Skipper is a type of fish that lives in the rainforest. It has the ability to travel on land by using its strong fins as limbs to propel itself across the land. It has "lungs" where it stores water like oxygen and it can even climb trees by using the suction cup on its stomach. Strange creatures like this inspire him to write stories featuring them because of their
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