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Recently, our class was given the chance for an exclusive interview with our writing teacher, Mr. Ezzard. Mr. Ezzard is a well respected teacher at Biddeford Middle School and he is very passionate about his writing and sharing his skills with others. He even spends some of his own time at home to work on projects related to teaching his students. Mr. Ezzard also has his own quotes posted on the walls, one of them being, "The world provides inspiration: the rest is up to you. We began the interview with a monumental question. We asked, "When did you meet your wife and how?" Mr.Ezzard met his wife while beginning his Peace Corps work, where he taught over seas. He claims that he was introduced to his wife in 1993 in Boston. He was trying to become a new initiate in the Peace Corp. He went to an interview to see if he was cut out for the job and his soon-to-be wife was the interviewer. The interview went very well…show more content…
Ezzard responded with a surprising large variety of them. He enjoys reading, traveling to new places, kayaking, photography, collecting antique postcards, researching history, and of course, writing. Mr. Ezzard also likes to get in touch with nature by hiking and practicing bonsai. Bonsai is an art form in which someone gathers tree seeds and plants them into pots. The person then uses methods like bending the tree with small wires to control its growth, keeping it miniature so it can easily fit within a household. Often times, people use bonsai to meditate or relax. They look at the tree and focus until they feel as if they are in that environment. A calm feeling overwhelms the user. He says that most of his hobbies inspire him to write. For example, he loves to write about places he's travelled to and the nature that surrounds him. One of his favorite hobbies is quite literally, writing. This shows his love of writing off very well, considering he does it for entertainment on his own spare
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