Mr. Faulkner Drones Case Study

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Mr. Faulkner 's Drone has gone missing One clear day at Cornerstone Christian Academy Mr. Faulkner walked into his office to get his drone out so he could fly it and get some footage of field day. But when he went to grab it it was not there. So he started to look around the building. He could not find it in the middle school building. So he went to the lower school building. Once he finished in the lower school he was so puzzled that he just decided to go home. The next day he was posting posters of his drone that said all of the information need to find it. Two kids named Robby and Grant decided to find Mr. Faulkner’s drone. They started to sneak into the building at night and look at the replays of the security cameras. All they found was that the cameras only picked up sound. We heard drone sounds on the flash drive that was plugged in the security cameras. We waited five minutes and we heard a voice it sounded a lot like Bains. So the next day we decided to put Bains through a testing where we asked him questions in a dark room in a secret location just outside of the school parameters.…show more content…
faulkner’s office at around lunch time on April the 10th?” Bains replied, “No, I did not on april the 12th around lunch time go into Mr. Faulkner’s office. I wasn’t even here on April the 12th I was on my way to Texas for a soccer tournament!” Second Robby asked “ Bains have you seen any drone recently that looks a lot like Mr. Faulkner 's drone that someone might have stolen?” Bains then replied, “ Well I did see a drone at Rowan’s house that looked a lot like Mr. Faulkner’s drone.” Robby said, “Well then you are free to go because you gave us all of the information that we
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