Mr. George Wickham In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Using his charm, good looks, and manners, Mr. George Wickham is able to deceive multiple characters throughout Pride and Prejudice in order to gain favor and sympathy. Initially, Mr. Wickham is introduced as an upstanding, friendly character who would be the perfect spouse for Elizabeth Bennett. He then evolves into a man in search of pity and wealth. George manages to turn blame and hatred onto others instead of owning up his own actions. Money and revenge are his motives, and he does not care who he has to hurt or mislead to obtain his goal. Elizabeth Bennett is immediately attracted to Mr. Wickham upon their first conversation in Meryton. He seems to be an upstanding gentlemen, an officer, and a hard worker. The two begin to spend many …show more content…

Wickham manages to turn a majority of the characters in the novel against Mr. Darcy. He shapes the story into a cry for pity for himself due to the wrongdoings done to him by Darcy. Somehow, Mr. Darcy remains the better man, refusing to let his anger overtake him and in the end acting as a savior to the Bennett family name. Although he was never deceived himself, Mr. Darcy takes the hits from Mr. Wickham’s deception of others. Jane Austen, author of Pride and Prejudice, pulls on the heartstrings of readers, sending them on a rollercoaster of emotions and sympathy for first Mr. Wickham and then Mr. …show more content…

At first, Mr. Wickham is loved by the readers, seeming to be the perfect bachelor for Elizabeth. By the end of the novel, Mr. Wickham is seen as the enemy, a lowlife character full of empty promises. His lies add crucial back story in order for the readers to understand where the characters came from and their connections. The love triangle between Elizabeth, Darcy, and George is the focus of the readers. In the end, readers are astonished to find that the men that they saw as the good guy and bad guy are really reversed. Austen captured the perfect balance of lies and truth to make Pride and Prejudice a story that cannot be put

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