Mr Hooper In The Black Veil

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Initially in the story, Mr. Hooper (Who is the Minister of a Church) became an odd character which came to question the people because he began to wear a black veil over himself and knowing that he represents the church, the attention stood at a shock towards the people. To certain individuals, it appeared more odd towards them such as a woman who said “He has changed himself into something awful, only by hiding his face.” Although this seemed as such a difference to the people, Mr. Hooper did not seem to see what his people had seen him. As if he was blinded to what he had done himself. His attitude was not changed, After all he was known as a good preacher but not an energetic one.
Within the story, several significant characters take place. Such as the protagonist, Mr.Hooper, but what 's a story without the ones who can make it possible? Anyway, actors and actresses such as the maiden, who
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Hooper represents sinfulness and wears it to cover himself from what he has done, although it is left a mystery and taken with him to the grave. The people who have done bad things look toward Mr.Hooper as a person who they can share common thoughts with without feeling left behind and still treated as a person, but truly in the end it represents depression, darkness, sin and death. The physician thought men feel alone sometimes and Mr.Hooper was at this experience. There are three levels of symbolism of the black veil and they are: The first and most obvious one is the black veil, with that being said, it is known that he wore it to hide a secret sin, but is told by himself that all of mankind 's sins the only difference is they do not physically wear the black veil but on the inside, they do. Followed by, the black veil doesn’t necessarily change anything, only his appearance has changed and has simply been calm. Finally, the Veil symbolizes his pride even though it covers his face he appears to gloom out towards the people like a light in the
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