Mr. Hooper In The Minister's Black Veil

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“The Minister’s black veil” The relationship between Mr. Hooper and the Black veil is that Mr. Hooper never takes off his black veil. He always takes it around with him, the Black Veil covers his body except for his mouth and chin. No one knows why he takes it around with him but it was rumored that Mr. Hooper was wearing the black veil for his own secret sins or that he made a commitment to a young woman , He is known as death. Mr. Hooper is known as a mysterious and an evil character in the story. He’s a tormented soul and feels the need to let everyone know by veiling his face, Mr. Hooper wants to keep his identity a secret from other people. “His fiance Elizabeth asked to remove his veil but he refused to he said that he should wear it
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