Mr. Huffman Case Summary

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Mr. Huffman is an 54 year old male who presented to the ED via LEO petitioned by his mother following being release from jail. Mother reported in petition her son has a history of mental illness and has been treated for the same. She continues to report in petition that Mr. Huffman has threatened family members and is a threat to himself and others. Before the assessment petitioner was contacted for collateral information. Petitioner states when asked when the last time she spoke with her son, "I haven't spoken to him since what happen in January." She was referring to January 27 when he was put in jail following assaulting his mother after an psychotic episode. His mother reports Mr. Huffman informed her about seeing demons and became agitated and pushed her. Mr. Huffman mother reports expressed being unable to care for her son anymore and today when informed by Ms. Melissa Saunder, D.A., her son was being released she should go to the jail and talk to the magistrate. Mr. Huffman's mother states she has made attempts to get Mr. Huffman into an assisted living facility, however faced many obstacles…show more content…
Snyder requested an assessment on Mr. Huffman. At the time of the assessment Mr. Huffman appears calm and cooperative. He appear deficits in his verbal and nonverbal social communication skills. However, he is able to answer many of my open-ended questions. He currently denies suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and symptoms of psychosis. Mr. Huffman reports to ED staff he does not know why he is here in the ED today. He does not appear to be exhibiting signs of agitation, aggression, or responding to internal stimuli. This information was reviewed with Dr. Snyder and Howard McQuirter, LCSW. They both share the disposition that the patient should be discharged. The patient's mother has been made aware of the plans concerning the patient. Patient contracted for safety, was given outpatient referral information, and completed a crisis plan. Jamaral Rease,
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