Mr. Jones In Thank You M Am

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Petty to Good Roger a scoundrel and stealer on the street’s decided that Mrs. Jones was a good target. Roger the main character in “thank you M’am” written by Langston Hughes. Is a petty criminal that is trying to steal enough money for a pair of blue suede shoes.Also that he is suffering from problems but isn’t alone in the struggle. Roger changes significantly from the beginning to end as he starts as a petty criminal to a boy that recognizes stealing isn’t an answer with the help of Mrs.Jones. Roger acted just like a petty criminal should, after failing to get away successfully with the purse he tries to get away. But after being trapped by Mrs. Jones, he still tries to squirm lose to try and get away from Mrs. Jones. He also gives an excuse like “I didn’t try to steal your pocketbook” from pg 1. He tries to exploit every way to try and get away including trying to be nice to her to feel like it’s better to let him go then bring him to the police. This relates to the thesis, in the way that he has not changed at all and thinks stealing is a way for him to get nice things. After arriving in Mrs. Jones house he is told to wash his dirty face, he notices they aren’t the only two their. So “he look’s at the door then back at…show more content…
Jones has changed his ways significantly, including the way he thinks. He went from a person that used thievery as a way to get things he wanted, to understanding that money is supposed to be earned. In the beginning of the story he doesn’t trust mrs.Jones and tries every waking second to escape. After having received Mrs.Jones generosity through her givingness aka (asking him if he was hungry), instead of running away he decides to stay. After Mrs.Jones opens up to him he finally understands what he has been doing wrong, she gives him money for the shoes in which he was willing to steal to get, and yet he understands why. This information tells us that he truly has changed through the story for the
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