Mr Keating In Dead Poets Society

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Some leaders are born naturally and some are are made through learning. For the actor Robin Williams who played the role of John Keating in the movie “Dead Poets Society” this was natural. I watched Dead Poet Society many times and honestly it draws me in every step of the way. Mr. Keating is a phenomenal actor the way he moves in different situations and acts makes the audience believe and feel what his saying. He does this numerous times throughout the movie. If Mr. Keating had not attended the Vermont boarding school; Welton Academy, I believe his character would have been different. His lasting friendships, his guidance and his ability to think outside the box helped him grow. Mr. Keating symbolizes change throughout the school…show more content…
Keating wastes no time to reassure and comfort his students. Keating tells one student “ I think you're wrong I think you have something inside of you that is worth a great deal”. ( Keating). Originally the student was nervous and told Mr. Keaton that he did not complete the assignment so that they can avoid having to stand up in the front class. Mr. Keating encouraged the student to complete the assignment on the spot. He comforted the student and made sure he knew he was special. That he can achieve anything he wanted. Without hesitation, Mr. keating helped the student go to the front of the class. He made the student think that it was only the two of them giving the poem. He moved his body quickly but diglantly not being afraid of the students peers in the background. Mr. Keating took the student’s hands and placed them gently over his eyes. Then he proceeded to spin the student around in a circle. When Mr. Keating performed this action he spoke in a loud voice trying to encourage the student every step of the way. Mr. Keating did not let the judgments of students interrupt his teaching. He spoke as if he knew what he was doing an as if he wasn’t afraid, I believe this impacted the student greatly because Mr. Keating was taking a huge chance with what he did because there is no telling how the scene would have happened. Mr. keating was confident and compassionate as he had the presences of mind to know what he was doing every step of the
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