Mr Keating In The Dead Poet Society

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Is Mr. Keating a good english teacher? In my opinion, yes because he shows so much he cares about his students and his passion teaching his way, not by a book. Mr. Keating teaches his students about being more independent and more passionate about what they want to do or be. Mr. Keating is doing this because many of the parents are putting so much pressure on their kids to become a doctor or a lawyer. The reasons why many of the students listens to Mr. Keating is because he uses different teaching skills, making it seem more fun.
In the movie Mr. Keating made many students become more independent in their decisions they make. In the movie he made Neil one of the main character more independent, Neil’s dad, Mr. Perry seems like he was controlling Neil. By telling him what he should and should not do. He became
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Keating such a great teacher. Well Mr. Keating understands how much stress and pressure the students are in, many of their parents hoping they will become something greater in the future. It seems that Mr. Keating is probably one of the teachers who really cares about his students than most of Welton staffs and teachers. Through the movie, Neil who started “The Dead Poet Society” again who Mr. Keating started a few years back. It was a cave where Neil and his friends would go at night to take turns saying their poem lines that they think is interesting. While they were in the cave, it gave them more freedom away from Welton Academy, it made Todd felt more comfortable and less shy. Through many of the scenes in the movie, it seems like the students really enjoy the way Mr. Keating is teaching them. In my opinion I think that’s why Mr. Keating is a great teacher, because it’s the way he teaches. His teaching is not boring, it seems that the environment is really energetic, he doesn’t put too much stress or pressure on the students. If I were in his class it would be an honor, because it doesn’t seem that stressful even though it’s a private
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